1.75 ct Pendant & 1.60 CTW Studs

Actually, that about says it. Steve, I look into these stones and I feel like I could start falling and not stop for quite some time. I have seen a whole lot of diamonds in my life, but it is entirely possible that I've never before been up close and personal with diamonds of this quality. I've always said that I don't "get" diamonds. I do now. My God, these are beautiful.

My wife will receive these on Christmas. I'll let you know what she says/screams/sobs/whispers/shouts. And I thank you for the bonus gift of the appraisal. Wonderful! And there is a reciprocal gift on its way to you, with my appreciation, which I hope you'll enjoy.

Thanks again, again, and again. A genuine pleasure doing business with you. I'll be in touch soon.
Post  As in, LOVES! And I quote: "Please tell my new best friend Steve that he did okay." No histrionics, no squeals. Just a very quiet kind of OhmiGod reaction. And a few gasps. And a few tears of wonder and/or joy. She's never had anything this beautiful before, and was totally taken aback. She received the earrings first, and was delighted and slightly awed by their excellence. Followed a couple of hours later by the pendant, and she was pretty much speechless/blown away. Yeah, Steve. You did okay. You can send the certificates on, now. These are keepers.

I thank you one more time for all your guidance and courtesy and assistance. I hope we'll have a chance to do business again. May you have a great 2011 – my best!
Tony H.
Pasadena, CA
Purchased 1.75 ct Pendant & 1.60 CTW Studs