Custom Emerald Cut Ring

I was skeptical as I'm sure you are as you sit here and read this post, trying to find out if this route is meant for you. I am here to tell you as a happy customer that Barry is legitimate and Kobe Mark Diamonds is your best bet and you will not be displeased. I was referred to him through a family friend and all I heard was praise.

Being an engineer, I am extremely picky about the product that I have been searching so long for. The process was flawless and Barry worked with me in every way to ensure me that he was the right place for this custom engagement ring. He hand picked the stone and was truthful in the other stones that I found as possible candidates. I relied on his expertise and I am so glad that I did. I do not want to sit here and say "what a great price I got on this ring" because it is the cliche thing to do. If you are anything like me and when I read something like that I think it's all about cheap prices yielding a sub-par product, the price will be much cheaper than any local retail chain, guaranteed. I asked around trying to find some sort of disclaimer that proves Kobe Mark Diamonds as a falsity, but I will tell you this, I was the furthest thing from wrong.

Hopefully reading this make you less uneasy about going through Barry and Kobe Mark Diamonds. I had the experience of sitting down with a happy customer and getting the confidence first hand, with this being an online post I cannot instill the same guarantee face to face, so I'm trying my best to convey that same message here.
Bryan N.
Plymouth, MI
1.53 Emerald Cut H VS2 & Platinum Channel Set Ring