"Great Service, Great Deal"

I was nervous and a bit skeptical of this site and its service when I first came across it while buy an engagement ring. Mainly b/c this was such an important purchase and I felt weary of buying something I had not seen. The prices were much better than anything I could find at a traditional jewelry store and their selection was better than most other internet sites.
But the whole experience was fast, easy, and hassle free. The phone rep was helpful and my diamond arrived safely a few days later. The diamond itself looked great and, even better, appraised for much more than I paid for it. In fact, the jeweler who appraised it could not believe the price I paid. He mentioned several times that he couldn't come close to that price or he'd lose money.

Thanks for saving me a ton on my engagement ring.

by mueflyer on Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:16 am