Kobe Mark Diamonds are the best wholesale jewelers whether on the internet or in person. They provide top notch quality customer service (Steve knows he helped me in getting my fiance's engagement ring made). Also, most importantly, Steve and Barry will work with you on whatever design you have in mind. I submitted to them a link of the band design that my fiance loved. Steve & Barry were not only able to replicate the design, but enhanced it to make it look even better.
I searched all over the Washington dc metro area for a good jeweler/diamond dealer for about two months. I had created a spreadsheet with information (diamond cut, clarity, color) and prices. Once I went on Kobe Mark diamonds.com and saw the prices they had listed I got on the phone called Steve picked out the diamond I wanted and submitted the design and threw out the spreadsheet because NO ONE COULD BEAT THE PRICE STEVE & BARRY HAD LISTED!!! I saved about $2500 by going with Kobe Mark diamonds.
I recommend them to anyone who is looking to purchase an engagement ring. If you are an informed shopper, Go around and check the prices at your local jewelers and then compare it to the prices on Kobe Mark diamonds.com and the retail places can't even compare to the price, quality, and great customer service you are going to get from Kobe Mark diamonds. So to Steve & Barry, I thank you for helping me in purchasing an engagement ring. To all those who are looking to get an engagement ring for their special someone I HIGHLY recommend Kobe Mark diamonds.com You will not be disappointed!!