"Forever Grateful"

I had a vision of what I wanted my engagement ring to look like and it wasn't
anything I had seen nor was it anything that they had done before. They took my
vision and created my ring in a way that was as if they were prive to the pictures
and ideas that had life only inside my head because of how unique my design and
requests were.  when I saw my ring, it was absolutely perfect. Elegant, made in a
quality unparalleled to any other ring I had ever seen before. So much so, it not
only stole my heart, it captures the glances of all who come in its view. People
ALWAYS ask to see my ring a little closer and can't help but take notice of its
brilliance. Thanks to Barry and his entire crew responsible for making my dream
become a tangible reality, I have an absolutely stunning and unque ring that best
reflects all I could have ever hoped and dreamed for I, everyday, wear my ring
proudly, confidentlyÌ. I feel very blessed that I found someone who is truly the
real deal in talent and a gentleman in the business.
Thanks to you all,  for your patience, hard work and mostly your obvious desire in
wanting me to not only love such a meaningful piece of jewlery, but also helping to
create it in such a way that reflects incredible elegance.
Forever grateful,

Yael & Ari S.
Teaneck, NJ
Purchased 2.51 Ct Cushion I VS2 + Custom Platinum "Initials" Mounting